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8 - 9 May 2013


Milan – Rho Exhibition & Conference Center (view map)




The official language of the Summit is English, with interpreters English → Italian.


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The global solar industry is facing a tumultuous phase as market consolidation has profoundly impacted the sector with weaker players being pushed out of business. In the upcoming months many challenges will need to be addressed by the solar community at worldwide scale.

The first edition of the Global Solar Summit - which will be held in Milan on 8-9 May (in conjunction with Solarexpo) - will strive to answer those challenges by bringing together Industry leaders and decision makers with the purpose of helping drive the solar energy sector forward.

The Global Solar Summit is the annual conference of the Global Solar Alliance, a breakthrough initiative started by leading exhibitions in Europe, China and North America that aims to spread awareness, information and advocacy while promoting solar energy as a mainstream solution for a low-carbon economy. All sectors of the economy can benefit and we'll provide examples of how even small businesses can prosper using renewable sources of energy. The information provided is valuable to companies providing very specific consumer services, like dry cleaners, oriental rug cleaning, hair grooming, bookkeeping, personal device manufacturers, home care and janitorial services. The same principles apply to computer service companies who troubleshoot laptops to helicopter rotor designers & gourmet pizza restaurants. Examples from all of these businesses mentioned will be represented with details on ways they have already benefitted from smart, eco aware practices.

The Global Solar Summit represents the ideal meeting point for professionals, executives, analysts and institutional representatives engaging in the solar sector at global level. The event will offer key market insights while analyzing trends and variables in order to provide solar industry leaders with effective business-intelligence tools.


  • solar industry (PV, CPV, CSP) executives
  • project developers & brokers
  • owners & managers of installation sites, real estate, industrial plants
  • investment funds & equity investors
  • banks & leasing companies
  • insurance companies
  • law firms
  • EPC contractors
  • O&M contractors
  • energy storage systems industry executives
  • transmission & distribution system operators
  • analysts & consultants
  • policy decision makers



"This was one of the most important events I have ever attended. My partner and I traveled to Milan from the US because we were considering starting a solar installation service in Pittsburgh. He worked for a Pennsylvania medical waste disposal service and was very knowledgeable concerning regulated industries which would be very useful if our new solar project got off the ground. He had created much of the content for the website of his firm which served clients across the state - physician's offices, hospitals, research labs, and many other health related services. They made sure those used syringes, bandages, and other bio hazards were handled safely and ethically. Because of the need to understand the US regulatory systems, a number of the other attendees we chatted with were very interested in his work and he shared the url that best represented the services offered. Turns out that the nascent solar industries have much in common with US interests since both overlap ecological considerations. In this way, Milan and Pennsylvania are not too far apart.

When I returned form this conference I was confronted with the need to find an assisted living facility for my mother. She insisted that she wanted to stay in the Bel Air / Harford County area where she lives in Maryland. One of her friend suggested the Hart Heritage Estates that has two facilities, one in Street and one in Forest Hill. I drove down from Pittsburgh to check them out with my mother. Apparently her Parkinson's disease was progressing has the experience and training to provide care for residents coping with the muscular and neurological effects of Parkinson’s, as well as those residents suffering from related dementia which is one reason my mother thought they would be a good fit for her. The other reason is that the Forest Hill location has 6.5 acres of park-like grounds where residents have a front row view of nature at its finest. As I walked around the two facilities I took a good look at whether they would be good candidates for solar panels. One can never start to early looking for potential clients! " Jameson Trumbull




OPENING SESSION (11:00-11:30)

Welcome and introduction to the Global Solar Summit - address speech

GUIDO AGOSTINELLI - Global Solar Alliance

PV markets: status and prospects, geographical segmentation and growth dynamics

JENNY CHASE - Solar Insight Manager, Bloomberg New Energy Finance


Moderated by JENNY CHASE - Solar Insight Manager, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Governing business cycles and resolving trade disputes: industry leaders, executives from the industry associations and institutional of representatives from Europe, Asia and North America engage in an open discussion on market competition and the conditions to create a level playing field.

RHONE RESCH - President and Ceo, U.S. SEIA - Solar Energy Industries Association

REINHOLD BUTTGEREIT - Secretary General, EPIA - European Photovoltaic Industry Association

MILAN NITZSCHKE - President, EU ProSun

PAULETTE VANDER SCHUEREN - Partner, Mayer Brown, AFASE Spokesperson

GUANGBIN SUN - Secretary General Solar Energy and PV Products, China Chamber of Commerce

PRESS BRIEFING (13:10-13:40)



The consolidation of the PV industry: strategies and transformation of PV companies across the value chain

Moderated by GUIDO AGOSTINELLI - Global Solar Alliance

The rationalisation of the solar industry

MIKE SHEPPARD - Senior Analyst, IHS Solar

Building strength: strategic positioning and strategic alliances

ALEX LEVRAN - President of Renewable Energy Solutions, Power-One

Building strength: pursuing leadership in mass manufacturing

ARTURO HERRERO - Chief Marketing Officer, Jinko Solar

Building strength: from products to services

GIUSEPPE SOFIA - Vice President, Conergy



Moderated by GUIDO AGOSTINELLI - Global Solar Alliance

A candid view on the PV industry and markets from the investors’ standpoint

ALOIS FLATZ - Partner, Zouk Capital

Short term planning, strategies and challenges to endure a tumultuous phase

ALEX LEVRAN - President of Renewable Energy Solutions, Power-One

ARTURO HERRERO - Chief Marketing Officer, Jinko Solar

PETER XIE - Ceo, GCL Energy

ALOIS FLATZ - Partner, Zouk Capital


The worldwide growth of the new PV markets and their increasing impact on the industry and its organization

Moderated by HANS-CHRISTOPH NEIDLEIN - Editor in Chief PV Magazine

  • Emerging PV markets: growth drivers, business models, prospects

ASH SHARMA - Senior Research Director, IHS Solar

  • The Chinese PV market: blowing like the wind

XU HONGHUA - Leader, China Research Program for High Penetration of Renewable Energy Development by 2050, China Academy of Sciences

  • Catalyzing resources to promote renewable energies in emerging economies and developing countries

DANA YOUNGER - Chief Renewable Energy Specialist, IFC - International Finance Corporation (World Bank group)

  • Emerging PV markets: local opportunities, impact on the global PV supply chain

CHRISTOPHER BURGHARDT - Vice President Business Development EMEA, First Solar


OPENING (09:50-10:00)

Welcome and introduction to day 2

GUIDO AGOSTINELLI - Global Solar Alliance



Playing a bigger game: the value of solar in the post incentive era

Moderated by JOSEFIN BERG - Senior Analyst, IHS Solar

  • Concentrated solar power, status and prospects, value proposition

PAUL NAVA - Manager Solar Business Development, Flabeg

  • Wind, biomass, geothermal & other renewable energy sources

ADAM BROWN - Senior Energy Analyst, IEA - International Energy Agency

  • Shale gases and other non-conventional fuels: abundant fossil resources at low cost?

NORBERT RÜCKER - Head of Commodity Research, Bank Julius Bär

PANEL: Comparative value of solar power in the context of the global energy markets

RHONE RESCH - President and Ceo, U.S. SEIA - Solar Energy Industries Association

PAUL NAVA - Manager Solar Business Development, Flabeg

ADAM BROWN - Senior Energy Analyst, IEA - International Energy Agency

NORBERT RÜCKER - Head of Commodity Research, Bank Julius Baer


The financing enviroment: markets, opportunities and instruments to sustain growth

The role of a functioning secondary market for assets

PIETRO RADOIA - Solar Insight Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Business and financing models for self-consumption and arbitration

PAOLA RUSCONI - Energy Desk Specialist, Mediocredito Italiano - Intesa Sanpaolo

Financing operations: public equity markets and their reading of the sector

BOJANA BIDOVEC - Senior Analyst, Robeco SAM

Opportunity, drivers, barriers, short to mid-term scenarios in the development of solar assets

Panel discussion initiated by

DAVID COLT - Partner, Global Power Finance


Moderated by JULIA HAMM - President and Ceo, U.S. SEPA - Solar Electric Power Association

High grid penetration: a real barrier?

STEFAN NOWAK, Chairman IEA PVPS - Photovoltaic Power System Programme

Storage technologies, products and usage gaps

ALFONS WESTGEEST - Secretary General, EUROBAT - European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers Association

The impact of utilities on the solar market, the impact of solar on utilities


JULIA HAMM - President and Ceo, U.S. SEPA - Solar Electric Power Association



Moderated by JULIA HAMM - President and Ceo, U.S. SEPA - Solar Electric Power Association

Reorganisation and profitability of the value chain, long term perspectives for the global PV industry

WESLEY YAN - Senior Business Development Manager, BYD

STEPHAN PADLEWSKI - European Marketing Manager, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

VALERIO NATALIZIA - Ceo and Managing Director, SMA Italia